Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I  like to read the messages that come out of Medugorje each month; they are always beautiful and touch my heart. I believe Mother Mary is really appearing there and has been for many years. Everyone that I have met who has been to Medjugorje has nothing but wonderful things to say about their visit there. My mom went when I was in my early twenties and came back on fire for God. She said the Holy Spirit is doing wonderful work there. One of my rosaries came from Medjugorje and it's my favorite pair. The Church has not ruled on Medjugorje yet and pilgrims are allowed to visit there, so I will continue to read the messages and take these beautiful words to heart unless the Church forbids it. A lady I know went to hear Ivan, one of the visionaries, speak in Massachusetts this past Sunday. The gist of the talk was:

-Pray every day
-Attend Mass as often as possible
-Read your Bible
-Confess your sins
-Spend more time with your family, especially your children. Teach them to pray and teach them about God. Live your faith so that your children may see by example. Our Lady is concerned about the young people in our world, we are failing to teach them how to live holy lives.
-Meditate on the Passion of Christ


  1. I love to read about Medjugorje too. I truly believe it is valid and real - so many good fruits have come from there! My dream is to go someday. Let's plan a pilgrimage there Mary :o)!!!
    Hugs and prayers

  2. I'd like to go there, too :) When my daughter is a little older, we could go! The stories I have heard from people that have gone there are beautiful!

  3. Mary, Medjugorje is every thing they say it is and more. I have been there 4 times now and my son who is a Catholic priest has been 14 times.
    Our Lady lives in that tiny village called Medjugorje.

  4. Ed,
    Everyone says that:) I have never heard anyone who visited Medjugorje say anything but beautiful things about this place! You and your son have been blessed to go there so much. One day, I would like to go, too.

  5. I also love reading about Medjugorje... I confess that I was on youtube this morning before watching Mirjana's monthly apparition from August. I'm saving money to someday get there!!

  6. Hi Maria! My mother went there many years ago and loved it!