Monday, September 14, 2009

For You....My Mother

The Woman raised eyes sorrowful
Bedimmed with grief and loss
Suffering she spoke not a word
But leaned upon the cross
In agony, her tears flowed down
A soldier pierced His side
Her Baby's head was crowned with thorns
Her Life, Her Joy, Her Pride
Upon this scene I entered
Espied, entwined, two Hearts
Naked He came from Her Womb
....and naked He departs


  1. Just Be Real,
    Thanks! And blessings to you also!

  2. This is such a beautiful poem!
    Thanks SO MUCH for following my blog; benmakesten!
    I like the favorite Saints you have listed in your profile...some REAL intercessory power there!
    Thanks for your lovely blog!

  3. Judy,
    Thank you for your comments! I'm going to check out your other blogs too.