Monday, November 23, 2009

What's in a name?

One of my favorite titles of Our Lady is "The Mystical Rose" and this is the reason I named my blog this way. The title "Mystical Rose" comes from the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I love this name for Our Lady so much that  my daughter's middle name is Rose, named after this title. I actually picked out her name two months before I even got pregnant because of a word the Lord had given me that I would have a baby the following year. Michaela after St. Michael the Archangel and Rose after Mother Mary. I asked the Lord for a confirmation of this name and I feel that I got it. Randy's family was visiting from Texas and we took them on a little cruise out of Boston Harbor. The name of this cruise was " The Spirit of Boston". We were served dinner and there was some dancing, after which, I stepped out onto the deck to look at the water. As I gazed out, a yacht passed us and I felt the Holy Spirit flooding my body. I looked at the side of the yacht and in big letters were painted, "THE MICHAELA ROSE". People may say that is just coincidence, but I don't believe this. I had chosen the traditional spelling of Michaela which is rarely used anymore, I was on the Spirit of Boston Cruise, I stepped out on the deck at just the right time, the middle name was the same, and I had been praying for a confirmation of the name I had chosen. I felt that it was the Lord telling me I had chosen well.

Mary is called the Mystical Rose because the rose is the queen of all flowers, as Mary is the queen of the Father's heavenly garden. She is also the greatest mystic of all time for she pondered all things in her heart and her delight was the will of God. Fiat! Her life was one long fiat from beginning to end.

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