Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Feast of the Queenship of Mary

My husband is a convert to Catholicism. Before he converted he attended a Baptist Church. One of His friends, who was also Baptist, was horrified when he learned that my husband was converting. He started sending us pamphlets and links to internet sites that claimed that Catholics worshipped Mary. Fortunately, my husband knew the difference between worship and reverence and wasn't too offended. He tried explaining this to his friend, but his ears were closed to any mention of Mary at all. He sent us a pamphlet comparing Mary with the Old Testament passage Jer. 7:18 which speaks about Ishtar, the queen of heaven [a goddess worshipped by many in Jeremiah's time]. Yes, folks, he actually compared Mary with this demon. Needless to say, I was highly offended. Insult me if you want, but do not insult the mother of my Lord and my mother, too. Next, he sent us something about praying to the dead. After that he sent us the passage in Matthew [Mt. 12:46-50] , part of which says " Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?" By this time, I was steaming! Was he trying to insinuate that Mother Mary was in hell?!! In my head I was thinking;"Read your bible, buddy."

Number one, Mary is not Ishtar! Read Luke 1:26-38. This passage alone refutes this.
Or read Luke 1:39-56. How about John 19:25-27. Mary is the mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
One of the ten commandments says,"Honor Thy Mother And Father"; Jesus did this, He was without sin. Catholics do not pray to the dead. I assure you that Mary is alive and well in Heaven. She is the mother of " The King of Kings". The mother of a king is a queen. Mother Mary is the true , "Queen of Heaven"! I believe that Jesus is insulted when his mother is abused and pleased when she is honored. I do not get angry if someone asks about Catholicism with honest intentions. If someone sincerely asks me why I am Catholic I am happy to give my reasons. However, I do get angry when Mary is insulted.


p.s. [Of course, I asked Mother Mary to intercede for Randy's friend :) ]


  1. "For behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed". Luke 1.48.
    Apart from generations of Roman Catholics reciting the Hail Mary,where else on earth do we see this scriptural prophecy,given by Our Lady herself, fulfilled through the centuries? That question usually stumps the bible bashers!
    They are terrified of mentioning Mary,apart from to denounce her,God forgive them,they know not what they do.I love Mary,she has helped restore me to health.Praise God for His beautiful Mother.

  2. Shadowlands,
    You know what? I didn't think of that one. Good one! Mother Mary is a huge stumbling block for some Protestant denominations. Many were raised believing that Catholics worship Mary. We know this is untrue, but because we honor her and ask for her intercession they think it is worship. She has brought me closer to Jesus and I love her dearly.